How To Get Started Wedding Planning


How To Get Started Wedding Planning

You’ve got the ring, you’ve shared that epic moment with family and friends and you’ve lived in the moment. Now it hits you, it’s time to plan an entire wedding. You have no idea of the number of people you and your fiancée know combined and how much the average wedding will cost. Don’t worry, today I will share with you the top 3 starter steps you need to start planning your wedding.


Step 1: Set A Budget

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I see a lot of couples dive straight into venue hunting without the slightest clue of a budget. The budget is everything. It is your plan for spending.  I mean how else will your big day happen? First things first. You will need to have a general idea of your total budget. How much of your savings will be put towards the wedding? How much are family members contributing? How much will you set aside each paycheck?

After finding an estimated total, next I suggest categorizing where the money will go. Catering will more than likely be the highest cost.  Here are categories to consider:

·         Venue

·         Caterer

·         Florist

·         Photographer

·         Wardrobe (Bride & Groom)

Use your grand total and divvy up the cost. Does that leave enough for your open bar? Keep some wiggle room in your budget for unexpected fees.


Step 2: Estimate Your Guest Count


Before you go venue hunting you will need an estimate of the size of your wedding. I had plenty of brides with a venue in mind, to find out the space does not fit the guest count. If you are expecting 300 guests, you will need a space that can accommodate 300 guests plus the dance floor, bar station, photobooth, etc.

The guest count will directly affect your cost. If you have 300 guests, your catering cost will be very different than that of 150 guests. Also, if the venue will need rentals, the cost will rise as you add more guests (ex: bigger tent, more tables and chairs). Make sure you consider all of these variables when creating your guest list!


Step 3: Find Your Venue!


Now you can start the search. It does get tricky. Many venues get booked up quickly (especially in Atlanta).  As you search, make sure to ask the following questions; 

What are the available dates? Are there any standard fees associated with the venue? What else does the venue comes with? Is there a charge to use my vendors versus the venues preferred vendors? Make sure to read reviews when comparing venues.

Now that you have your top choices, all that is needed is to sign on the dotted line and pay the deposit.

Happy Planning!