6 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding

One thing I love about weddings is seeing a couple make it their own. Two people from separate places, with different interest are coming together. So how do you show off your favorite things, together? Well here is a list of 6 creative ideas you can add in various parts of your wedding!


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A guestbook can go beyond the idea of a canvas for guest to sign. One creative idea was a personalized post card. The couple were from different cities in Michigan. They embraced this with personalized postcards with city names. Guest got to pick and choose which city they wanted to sign. Some guest even took home the extra post cards.

2. Seating Chart

 3. Dessert


If you and your fiancé love several types of desserts add them ALL in. Yes, I said all. Make an awesome dessert table that features your favorites. I bet guest will not complain about options! You don’t need only one cake. Go the nontraditional route and feature one layer of cake in assorted flavors. Guest can have their pick of mint chocolate chip, red velvet and more.

4. Grooms Cake


If you want to stick to having a traditional wedding cake but still want your guy to feel special, get a groom’s cake. I have seen some amazing groom cakes. It can feature his favorite sports team. Maybe he loves TV shows such as Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad. Find a spunky cake artist that can make this happen!

5. Personal Pictures

amily pictures around a venue is probably one of the more sentimental ways to personalize your wedding.

unnamed (6).jpg

This picture features a family table of pictures dating back to the 1800's (wow!). Each picture had a small card with the family name and year of marriage. I know, we all don’t have family pictures dating back 200 years. Simply adding in wedding pictures of parents and grandparents can truly make it personalized.

6. Music


One wedding I had featured a three-string quartet from the groom’s company. Guess what? He was a conductor. He had the quartet play during pre-ceremony and cocktail hour. Guest were very privy to his career and thought it was an amazing touch. Another example, was a processional song. The song was the Forest Gump theme song. The bride loved the movie and wanted her girls to walk down the aisle to this song. Who doesn’t love Forest Gump?

Other quick ways to personalize your wedding

Wedding Favors

Bride and Groom Intro songs

His & Her Cocktails

Theme of Wedding

Bridal Exit

Vintage Cars


If you have a fun idea post them in the comments!