Sweating For The Wedding

Sweating For The Wedding

How Bride Ashley got sweating to feel amazing on her wedding day!


We interviewed Ashley, a recent bride on New Years Eve 2017! We followed her journey last year and watched her transformation for her wedding day. The transformation is not about weight loss. Instead the transformation is about feeling great, bringing the best you on your wedding day, and loving the journey. Your wedding day goals may be growth spiritually through pre-marital counseling, physically at the gym or mentally through preparations. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, so ponder about your personal preparation of this next phase.

How did you get motivated to start the fitness journey?

It was back in March, 9 months before my wedding date where I said “Yes to the Dress”! The dress was gorgeous, I had the approval from my squad, my Mom was shedding tears (I think at that point even I was). I never shared with anyone, but in the midst of all the excitement something just did not feel or look right. I was not comfortable in my skin and being my biggest critic. I knew I wanted to feel 100% that day so I mentally made a decision to do something about it! So I did what every newly engaged bride does.  I purchased all the “sweating for the wedding” paraphernalia from shirts to the water bottles, a gym bag to headbands. Sounds crazy? Sure it does, but I was only going to get that season of my life once so I joined in on the trend. Once I had the gear I had no excuses. I change my eating habits and hit the gym. At the time my hubby was working out and dropping the weight. He was getting fine and I was getting fat. I knew it wasn’t fair for him to put in the work and I wasn’t. I made a commitment that Monday to hit the gym and I sweated all the way until I said “I do!”  

Did you and hubby work out together?

Yes! We both made a commitment to each other that on our wedding day we wanted to stand before each other at our best. We worked out every morning together, motivated each other as we ran on the treadmill, and made it fun! Wedding planning is already so stressful so it was 100% a way for us to burn some steam, spend a little more time together, and have some fun!  We would be arguing over something wedding planning related one second and in the morning we’d be back to sweating it out together in the gym!

Did you task any bridesmaids to join the journey?

No, but everyone was individually on their own journey. We’d check-in with one another from time to time. On 12/31/2017 I could tell my squad had been sweating too!

What type of plan did you create for yourself?

Realist Goals. I wrote down all the things that didn’t work before and did just the opposite! I set realistic goals. I HATE running and I’ve never been someone that could run for a long period of time. So I created a playlist with our wedding songs! (Cheesy, but it worked).  I was able to mentally get in the zone and toward the end of my journey I couldn’t believe I could actually call myself a runner.

Switched It up. I made sure to keep it fun and switched up my workouts from just running to adding some kickboxing, swimming, joined a spin class and attended boot camps around the city.

Set a Routine. I would wake up and go straight to the gym. I found that if I set a routine and stayed consistent with my morning workouts I wouldn’t have an excuse for being tired after work. 

Diet. When it came to my diet I wasn’t super strict. Depriving myself of pizza and wings wasn’t realistic for me! Of course it was necessary for about 90 days to cut out certain foods and practice portion control. I told myself if I could just eat “right” Monday-Friday I could treat myself to a fun date night with some yummy food. Friday’s at 5pm became my favorite!

 How long did it take?

It took 4 months to reach my goal, which was to just feel great! I never set a goal to loose x amount of weight. ( I adjusted what NEVER worked) I wanted to be sure I felt my best! I would only get on the scale every 30 days, because weight adjusts all the time. With the cheat Friday’s that accidentally ran into Monday or the few days I just wasn’t feeling motivated I didn’t want to get more discouraged by a number on a scale. As long as I felt great I knew I was doing something right. 4 months to reach my goal, but 9 months of going hard in the gym.

How did you pick up the motivation on the low days?

Gym Buddy. There is nothing more motivational than seeing your partner getting sexy for the big day when meanwhile you’re stuffing your face with Oreo’s or sitting in the parking lot at the gym just struggling to get out the car.

Mental. I would change up a playlist, the type of workout, or honestly it would go back to mentally getting my mind right. I would tell myself “Ashley its ok to get a light sweat in…as long as it’s a sweat” I figured something was better than nothing.

Competition. I was a huge Fitbit advocate. Competition always gets me going! I would set goals to not end the day less than 20K. I would compete against myself. If I’m honest, I’m sure we all do it but I bought a dress for our honeymoon two sizes two small. There were days it wouldn’t zip…motivation right there!