Jessica + Devon Engagement Session

Photography by Michael David Productions

These two are due to get hitched on August 31, 2019 in Augusta, GA.

Here is their Story!

The Proposal

March 10, 2018

Seattle, Washington is our setting. It is early March, the 10th to be exact, and I am the "Ring" Leader for the day’s events. I had been planning to do this the traditional way which was through her parents first but that ring was burning a hole in my pocket and every day that went by was a day I knew I wanted her to know I never wanted to let her go and wanted to close the gap in distance with her being on the mainland and me in Hawaii. So with good judgment of the weather and knowing my lady likes a nice wine, I planned us a Yacht Wine Tasting tour on Lake Union from downtown Seattle. It was the perfect setting for what I felt would be the best day of our lives as well as beginning of our future.

The weather was perfect, she had no clue where we were going and on the inside I was hatching butterflies left and right, I was still fighting the tradition of waiting but I told myself if I feel it, I’ll let it go. We arrive to the docks and I escort Jessica through the different boats to ours. We arrive and receive our greetings as well as the introduction to the Wine Tasting and Jessica is shocked and amazed at my plans. We get a glass of wine and take it to the top of the boat where the sunlight was perfect so of course its photo session time. We admired the view from the deck as we listened to the tour guide but we ended up on the inside of the boat as the winds picked up. This is where I think God helped lead me to my decision. Inside the upper deck area is another couple whom I begin a conversation with about their background. To make it short they were a prior Military couple who we questioned about their marriage, life in Seattle and other relationship thoughts.

It was my sign, it was my key to the door; hearing their testimony was everything I needed to open the cage of butterflies within me and propose to Jessica. They were us and the story was perfect to follow up with. So I asked the gentleman of the couple if he could record something for me and he said yes.

*I hand Jessica a Coach Wallet, asking her to open she opens it I get down on my knee *Now pause…. All this is happening as the Tour Guide starts to announce something. Meanwhile, Jessica opens the wallet and pulls out the ring and looks down at me as I begin my proposal.

“Jessica you have changed my life, you’ve helped me regain my balance in every aspect. Emotionally, physically and spiritually. The only thing I want you to know from here on out is that I need you in my life and I’ll sacrifice anything for you to make sure that you’re happy. Allow me to close the distance on us by asking you to become my wife….?” 

The announcer stopped her announcements to quiet the boat and announces the proposal to everyone on the boat. As I put the ring on Jessica’s finger the announcer screams over the intercom. “Did she say yes?” and an onlooker students yells “SHE DID!!!” so the announcer applauds and shouts through the mic “Congrats to the couple that just got engaged, we are so happy to have been a part of this!”

We receive applause and congrats from everyone and the Attendants cater us some special champagne so that we could toast to our Engagement.

Long Distance Love

Q & A

Q: How are you able to survive long distance?

Answered by Jess: It has been tough! I cannot wait until the day that we are under one roof. Long distance has probably been tougher on me than it has been on Devon since I am super emotional. We have been able to survive through constant communication, being honest with each other, and a whole of trust and faith. Its been a roller coaster but I would not trade this experience for the world. I have learned a lot about myself and we have grown so much as a couple through this process.

Answered by Devon: Its been easier said than done even for me, I am not as emotional as Jessica but the need to still be able to tend and understand her when she's expressing required me to be so. It definitely has opened me up to myself more and made me realize that I am capable of being closer to her by just being there. The key to this whole relationship was I wanted us to have a key foundation so we laid one. Trust, Communication and Faith led us through some tough obstacles and made it easier to deal with any thing that came our way. Praying for each other openly also cured our mental insecurities when we needed.

Q: Where was your first date?

October 29th, 2017 - Main Event in Orlando, FL

Q: Where do you see yourselves in 5 years as a couple?

Settled in a home in GA, successful in our careers, traveling the world, and preparing for mini Devons and Jessicas.

Q: Whats your favorite things to do as a couple?

We love going to Main Event to compete against each other, movies, bowling, or chilling at home cooking dinner and watching old movies.